The North Andover Democratic Committee (NADTC ) is composed of a diverse group of 35 registered Democrats who are elected every four years on the state presidential primary ballot. From within that group, we choose a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Affirmative Action Coordinator who lead our meetings and organize all Committee activities. In addition to its elected members, the NADTC includes a number of associate members who may be elected to fill member vacancies. The NADTC is a town committee as defined by the charter of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

You do not have to be an elected member to attend NADTC meetings or to participate in NADTC activities. 

Community involvement and activism is the backbone of our organization and we encourage members, associate members, and friends of our committee to volunteer their time in our schools, local organizations and political campaigns — and to share those opportunities with other members.

Every Spring, the Massachusetts Democratic Party holds its annual convention, either for endorsing candidates to state office or to vote on articles in the state party platform and charter. Every town in the state elects delegates to attend the convention, and the attendees from North Andover are chosen from among our members and active meeting attendees. Attending the annual convention is a perfect opportunity to meet our state leaders, learn more about our party platform and network with other local democrats.

Our Committee holds an annual scholarship fundraising breakfast every year and invites local and state candidates to attend, along with residents of North Andover and surrounding communities. The breakfast is also a great opportunity to meet other active Democrats, and hear from our local leaders and candidates. In the past, we have shared coffee and heard from our state representatives and senators and gubernatorial candidates as well as those running to represent us in Congress.


Committee chair: Michael Lis
Vice-chair: Janice Martin Phillips
Treasurer: Bill Callahan
Secretary: Luke Michel
Affirmative action advisor: Jennifer Fresen

Current NADTC members

Michael Lis
Janice Phillips
Lucius Michel
William Callahan
Jennifer Fresen
Christina Minicucci
Mark DiSalvo
Marsha Finkelstein
Eli Adler-Roth
Christine Allen
Marta Corvelo
Philip D’Agati
John DeFlumeri
Celia DiSalvo
John Fouhy
Susan Haltmaier
Bryan Hanssen
Andrea Holmberg
Diane Huster
M. Paul Iannuccillo
Phyllis Jones
Kara Kaufman
George Koehler
Marilyn Licciardello
Thomas Licciardello
Christina Licciardello Lippman
Patricia Melvin
Ellen Mosier
Helaine Posnick
Kathleen Stagno
Hillary Stasonis