Get involved with NADTC

Make a donation using our secure ActBlue account to support Democratic candidates for statewide and national office; generate awareness of the Massachusetts and national Democratic platforms; and promote membership and participation in the Democratic party.

Funds are allocated by a motion and vote by a quorum of the committee and reported as expenses to the MA Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

Individuals can contribute up to $5000 in a calendar year to local party committees.

There are other ways you can support the North Andover Democratic Town Committee:

  • Attend our monthly meetings, and help make other local democrats aware of our activities and efforts on behalf of the town and the Merrimack Valley. See our calendar for upcoming events.
  • Volunteer your time in local elections and for important causes, and share your experiences with our membership.
  • Follow the Massachusetts Democratic Party on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed about the party’s initiatives and positions on state and national issues.
  • Read the 2017 Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform and the National Democratic Party Platform to learn more about our party’s positions on equal opportunity, healthcare, civil rights, women’s rights, the environment, and much more. It’s a platform to be proud of!
  • Read the Charter and By-laws of the Massachusetts Democratic Party to learn more about how it forms its committees and holds its caucuses, hearings, and conventions.