Voter resources

The right to cast your vote gives you a voice at the local level, the state level, and the national level. You need to be a registered voter to

  • vote at North Andover’s annual town meeting and any special town meetings;
  • choose our board of selectmen and other town officials;
  • elect our state officials, senators, and representatives;
  • elect our state’s delegation to the United States Congress; and
  • elect our country’s president and vice president.

Why register to vote?

You must register as a member of the Democratic Party to participate in caucuses, during which we vote for delegates to the state conventions and representatives to the state committee. You must also to be a registered Democrat to be a convention delegate, a Democratic State Committee member, or a voting member of the NADTC.

If you register as a member of no political party (an unenrolled voter), you can select a Democratic ballot when you cast your primary vote. While we hope you will choose to register as a Democrat and join your fellow Democrats in supporting our party’s platform, we urge you to exercise your right, and your responsibility, to vote.