Think National, Meet Local

We are all laser-focused on events happening in Washington, and while it’s important to continue to oppose the current administration, remember that activism begins at home.

Joining our Democratic Town Committee is a great way to learn about local issues, many of which have a direct and immediate impact on our lives and our communities. Last spring, our monthly meetings hosted representatives from the Merrimack Valley Project, which advocates for immigrants, and Planned Parenthood, which focuses on healthcare access, and attendees had the chance to learn about their efforts on the local level. We will continue to hear from those who are engaged in the community, and provide a forum for them to share their goals, progress and volunteer opportunities.

Our committee also supports local candidates, and frequently hosts them at our meetings, giving members a chance to talk directly to their representatives in government. In addition, during election season, candidates for local office, the state legislature, Congress and the governor’s office often drop by to talk to local voters. This provides a rare opportunity for our members to meet them in an intimate setting, ask questions and learn about their campaign goals.

Advocating for change on the local level can have as much impact as our involvement in national politics. The North Andover Democratic Town Committee, with our monthly meetings held right in Town Hall, provides that perfect opportunity.