Sunday, January 21: Women’s March 2018 Goes Local

One year ago, millions of women and allies—including many members of our own committee—took to the streets in Wahington, D.C., Boston, and across the world in their commitment to fighting for social and political change. This Sunday, January 21, let’s join our neighbors and once again stand united in our dedication to equality, justice, and leadership rooted deeply in love and respect for all people. 

  • Andover Area Women’s March 2018
  • Date: Sunday, January 21, 2018
  • Time: 1–2 p.m. (ends at 1:30 p.m. if weather 15°F or below)
  • Location: Shawsheen Square, Andover (intersection of Route 28 and 133)
  • Hosted By: Andover Area Solidarity Group, Merrimack Valley Shows Up for Social and Racial Justice, and North Parish Church.

As we approach the anniversary of this historic event, the Women’s March organization is calling on supporters to translate this explosion of new energy and activism into direct electoral power by supporting campaigns and advocating for policies that align with progressive values. Old friends, new friends, and strangers with good intentions are warmly welcomed. Attendees are encouraged to bring signs with messages of love, resistance, and are especially encouraged to localize the messages.

After the standout, participants are invited to join organizers at Town Market at 429 South Main Street in Andover to warm up over food and drinks and discuss ideas and plans for the year ahead.

2018 is an election year, with seats up for grabs at the town, state, and national levels. Here in MA we will face ballot questions that bring the basic civil rights of our neighbors up for a vote. We’ll also have the opportunity to pass legislation that changes millions of lives for the better, and block policy that would do just the opposite. It’s time for our local communities to come together, get organized, and bring our Power to the Polls.

For more info on the #PowertothePolls initiative by the Women’s March, visit