NADTC Caucus: February 15, 2018

Join us on Thursday, February 15 at the Stevens Memorial Library, 1st Floor, for our 2018 NADTC Caucus!

  • 7:00 – 7:15 NADTC meeting
  • 7:15 – 7:45 On-site Democratic Party Registration
  • 7:45 – 9:45 (estimated) Caucus and Delegate Elections

The Democratic State Convention will be held on June 1st and 2nd in Worcester, at the DCU Center. Those elected today will represent our community at the convention. 2018’s Convention is an “Endorsing Convention,” sometimes called a “Nominating Convention.” This means that statewide candidates who receive 15% of Delegate votes at the convention will be on the Democratic Primary ballot in September 2018.

Anyone who completed the registration process prior to the Caucus and has either verified their status as a registered Democrat in the community, or otherwise registered as a Democrat, is eligible to take part in our Caucus.

During our Caucus, we will be electing 6 female delegates, 6 male delegates, and 1 male or female delegate for a total of 13 elected delegates. We will also be electing 4 alternate delegates.

To run for Delegate or Alternate, you:

  • Must be a registered or pre-registered Democrat in North Andover by the time of the Caucus. You can register as a Democrat onsite beginning at 7:15 until the Caucus begins at 7:45.
  • Must be present at the caucus (the only exception is for persons serving in U.S. Armed Forces, who must have advised the Chair by February 1st of their desire for consideration)
  • To be a Delegate or Alternate, you cannot have publicly supported or endorsed any candidate opposing a nominee of the Democratic Party in the current or previous partisan election. If one were to have done this in a Statewide or Presidential race, they cannot be elected Delegate or Alternate for 4 years; for all other offices, 2 years.
  • Certain Democratic Party leaders and elected officials are considered “Ex-Officio” Delegates, meaning they do not have to run at Caucus to become Delegates, and meaning that they do not count against the community’s total allotted number of Delegates.

Those planning or considering a run for Delegate or Alternate today should ensure that they are available on Friday evening, June 1st if possible, and all day on Saturday, June 2nd, to participate in the Convention in Worcester. Nominating conventions can sometimes run long, and Delegates are expected to remain at Convention all day on Saturday. Please note that if you leave after the morning Roll Call, Alternate Delegates cannot take your place; Delegate/ Alternate switches only happen during the morning Roll Call.

Caucus rules are set by the Democratic State Committee. Note that the full rules, called the “Method of Selecting Delegates to the 2018 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention,” are available for anyone to review. These rules are also online at the State Party’s website,


Sunday, January 21: Women’s March 2018 Goes Local

One year ago, millions of women and allies—including many members of our own committee—took to the streets in Wahington, D.C., Boston, and across the world in their commitment to fighting for social and political change. This Sunday, January 21, let’s join our neighbors and once again stand united in our dedication to equality, justice, and leadership rooted deeply in love and respect for all people.  Continue reading

North Andover Dems host Andy Vargas, state rep candidate

On Monday, October 2, North Andover Democrats held a reception for Haverhill City Councilor Andy Vargas, who is candidate for State Representative, 3rd Essex District.

Haverhill City Councilor Andy Vargas with NADTC member Chris Allen

Hosted by Walter Kirby, the reception gave North Andover Democrats the opportunity to hear Andy outline his position on the issues facing his home city of Haverhill, including economic development, educational equity, and immigration reform. With less than a week to go before the special election to replace retiring representative Brian Driscoll on Tuesday, October 10, Democrats from North Andover are planning to support Andy’s campaign with door-to-door canvassing on Columbus Day weekend. Learn more about Andy Vargas’ campaign for State Representative at


The NADTC recognizes the contributions of Haverhill and other neighboring Merrimack Valley cities to the areas economic and cultural vitality. Contact the NADTC if you would like to learn more about supporting local candidates through contributions or volunteering.

Many voices, shared values: 2017 MA Democratic platform approved

On June 3rd, the Massachusetts Democratic Party gathered in Worcester to approve a new party platform. From the introduction:

“As a united Democratic Party, we will fight for our democracy, for the common good, and for the working families of the Commonwealth. We will grow and strengthen our Party through grassroots organizing and elect Democratic candidates up and down the ticket with strong progressive values.  Continue reading